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a software development company

Our Services
Custom Software Development
  • We design and build new custom software applications
  • We maintain for long term success
  • Systems for client relationship management (CRM)
Web Application Development
  • Complexity delivered in a simple solution
  • Responsive design
  • Modern applications run on every device
Mobile Application Development
  • Native apps for iOS and Android
  • Mobile device simulators and emulators
  • Integrate any data source

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How We Work


When you come to us to talk about your software project, the first thing we do is listen. We learn about your business and your project in order to understand your development needs and to determine whether Intensio is a good fit. If we think we can help you, we’ll work with you to develop a proposal.

The proposal serves as a high-level description of your software project’s features and a corresponding time and budget estimate. We use early project requirements, historical data from previous projects, and our expertise to initially estimate cost. At this point, the estimate will have the broadest range. As we learn more about the project, the estimate will be refined.


Your project starts long before we write any code. Coding focuses on technologies and languages, but preparing for a software project involves the larger process of understanding your business and goals, your users, constraints, risks and future opportunities. We’ll do this collaboratively through discussion, sketching out workflows, and deciding on solutions. The best part of all is that we don’t require you to learn our language; we communicate in yours.

Once we understand the problem and agree on the right solution, we’ll define the features that support the core application and create an accurate cost and schedule estimate for your software project.


All of our design and development practices are aimed at producing maintainable, extensible, and highly usable software. We begin with the most essential features, so we deliver the most value early-on in the process.

We build your custom software incrementally, one fully-tested and fleshed-out feature at a time, rather than creating many incomplete features all at once. We add new value to the project at each iteration. Our test-driven development ensures that software is always well-designed and fully tested.


You hire us to build custom software in order to make or save money. Until it’s released, software can’t do either. We help you determine the proper hosting, licensing and distribution mechanism for your product. For example, whether it’s internal, shared, dedicated or cloud, our expertise is available to get your software product safely deployed and responsibly hosted.


Whether you’re a startup or have your own technical staff, we’re available for the long-term to maintain and extend your application. The quality of our work means your maintenance costs will be very low. The quality of our company and employees means you can count on us as a long-term partner.


All of your software project’s artifacts are stored in a version control system. We have a disciplined and tested backup procedure. Our backups are stored both locally and offsite. Our continuous integration servers are always watching your project, building and running all the tests on every change.

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An easy-to-use CRM system for companies who have appointments.

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Scheduling workforce.

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Compare mobile plans for all Slovenian operators

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Send SMS messages all over the world.

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CRM for auto industry

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